Dang, that feels better

I can't claim to know much about chiropracters, but he fixed my issue and figured out the cause. Service was top notch. Comfortable environment and Dr. Pettis has a very likeable personality. He's also very open to questions. I imagine an adjustment from most chiropracters would make my back feel better, but I really appreciate the way he goes about his business. I've had too many doctors who appear to not have time for you.


I get pinched nerves in my back and neck. Dr. Pettis not only treated my issues, but let me know of the cause (I need to stop sleeping on my front). Whenever I manage to sleep wrong and mess it up again (my symptoms have been consistent with sleeping wrong as he suggested), I get there as quick as I can. I find the treatment extremely relieving. What I like is that I don't feel like I'm in a cold hospital environment there. Dr. Pettis is a very sociable and likeable guy. The environment is professional but easy going at the same time. He's actually helped me with shoulder problems as well.


Dr. Jay's office has it all. A great doctor, staff, massage and more!!

I have seen a lot of Chiropractors and Dr. Jay is very easy to work with. He has a incredible knowledge of nutrition, sports rehabilitation, along with his amazing adjusting skills. I now understand my condition, and for the first time am seeing the results I have been looking for from my care.

I Highly Recommend this facility.


First a bike accident, then plantar fasciitis .... both times Dr. Jay diagnosed and treated my pain with first class service!! Excellent chiropractor and I would highly recommend Pettis Chiropractic for anyone!!


Best chiro south of the river

I've been adjusted by several doctors and none were as gentle, friendly, and knowledgeable as Dr. Pettis. My experience at his office is always a wonderful one: I do therapy in the massage chair, get adjusted, and am NOT sore the next day! He's always open to answering my questions and checking in with me.


High Marks

I went to see Dr. Jay when I developed tingling and numbness in my arm and the treatments I was receiving from another chiropractor did not seem to be helping. Dr. Jay's first adjustment brought noticeable improvement, and I was very pleased. Dr. Jay makes a person feel comfortable, and his knowledge makes him great with questions. He has also used adjustments, treatments, and stretching exercises to help me recover from a car accident. He gets very high marks from me and I would recommend seeing him!


I'm Cured

I went in to see Dr. Pettis with horrible back pain and after a few treatments and some adjustments by him I was up and moving around like normal again. I would highly recommend him!‎

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